To continuously improve health and safety of work sites, workers and environment, TK Design & Construction Company Ltd, developed and implements HSE plan to ensure that its team is committed to:-

  • Think safety ~ Plan safety ~ Work safely

  • Respect the environment.

  • Achieve required quality standards.

  • Complete projects on time.

  • Trust, respect and develop our team.

  • Enhance the local community.

  • And, in all areas strive for continuous improvement.

Our HSE Program is designed to do two things:

  • To create a proactive safe working culture and environment.

  • To create a culture where safe behaviour is not only expected but practiced.

Those employees who violate HSE rules create hazards for themselves and others. Therefore, to safeguard everyone, violators of our safety rules are subjected to disciplinary action.

TK Design & Construction Company Ltd accepts the responsibility to ensure, as far as reasonably practical, safe and healthy environments for employees and all others who may be affected by the company’s business activities. Generally, in order to have safe and health environments on projects the company:-

  • Carries out a risk assessment for all assigned activities pertaining to the project and ensure that safe methods are implemented.

  • Ensures that all our workers and sub-contractors comply with the Clients’ safety requirements.

  • Identifies all potential emergency situations regarding health, safety and environment aspects in all its activities.

  • Ensures that all workers get enough training regarding our works.

  • Ensures that ID/names of all our workers and sub-contractors are availed to security.

  • Ensures high standards of housekeeping in the places of its works.

  • Appoints a named Health and Safety advisor to coordinate and monitor the site works in line with Ministry of Health principles.

  • Ensures that all the workers are briefed about the no go areas thus clear signage of No Access to workers placed in specific places.

  • HSE officer/ flagmen is always on site to guide the movement and work of our machines and vehicles on site, in other words they manage traffic in the areas of work.

  • A reputed security company’s services is engaged to guard the project site in order to ensure safety of company property.

The HSE aims of TK Design & Construction Company Ltd are to:

  • Ensure that the company complies with all relevant laws and regulations relating to health, safety and the environment.

  • Avoid accidents and minimise the risk of harm to people, property and environment.

  • Work in partnership with clients, suppliers, enforcement agencies and co-contractors to promote and provide high standards of workplace health, safety and environmental care.

  • Formally monitor and review HSE performance to set new HSE targets and achieve continuous improvement.

  • Effectively manage any unforeseen events so as to limit any adverse effects and prevent re-occurrence.

  • Seek to minimise the environmental impacts of our activities, prevent pollution and continually improve our environmental performance.

  • Improve employee awareness of HSE issues related to our operations by organising regular training programs.

  • Improve and implement our waste management policy, especially with a view to non-bio-degradable substances and to ensure that on completion of a project we reinstate the natural environment.

  • TK Design & Construction Company Ltd engages meetings with its employees on a regular basis to address any concerns that they may have arisen.

To facilitate achievement of these aims, TK Design & Construction Company Ltd has established organisational responsibilities and developed safe systems of work and specific procedures to be followed during the course of construction. These are covered in the Company’s’ HSE Policy document which is availed and implemented on all of the Company’s’ project sites. Fully trained HSE Officers are deployed on all of the Company’s’ project sites to ensure that our HSE Policy is religiously followed by all members of staff involved in the project.